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29 марта 2018, 10:16

Gorilla Workout App review: Get a comprehensive workout anytime, anywhere without equipment

I’ve always tried to incorporate exercise into my life. It’s among the most surefire ways to stay healthy. Hitting the gym can be a hassle, however, as I sometimes workout early in the morning or late at night. Careers and life have a bad habit of monopolizing time, so I usually just workout at home. I rarely use weights as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, etc. allow me to stay in shape without the expense and space requirements of equipment. If you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape (or stay in shape) with minimal fuss, there’s an app that can help. The Gorilla Workout app is an outstanding tool for both men and women looking to stay healthy with exercise and not worry about gym memberships or expensive equipment. Following easy routines that start at just 15 minutes per day can make a real difference in both health and appearance. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Building muscle and losing weight are, for many, the primary objective for an exercise program. When you first launch the Gorilla Workout app, you’re greeted with four workout level options (above). It’s very important not to jump into a routine that you’re not ready for. Always be honest with yourself and stay true to your current fitness level to avoid injuries and setbacks. Consistency and hard work will pay off in a relatively short period of time. Before you get started, the app offers suggestions for pre and post-workout supplements by clicking the third tab at the bottom (the flexing arm). Just remember that supplements aren’t a substitute for hard work and simply complement exercise. For example, I always have a whey protein shake after a workout to provide a protein boost and help with muscle recovery. Supplement suggestions for fat loss and well being are also available.

When you’re ready to start moving, you have plenty of exercises that work all major muscles in the body and push your cardio fitness level. Over 40 different exercises are available.

Each exercise has an easy to follow video demonstration to help you learn and maintain proper form. You can watch an example of Bird Dogs below.

Combining exercises into organized workout routines isn’t free, but prices are very reasonable. For a one-time charge of $8.99, you’ll get unlimited access to all Signature Workouts and future additions as well. It’s definitely the best way to take full advantage of the app, but over 40 separate options are available at $0.99 each. For example, you can choose Time Trials for $0.99, which has you exercise every minute on the minute, motivating you to “chase the numbers” as you try to perform each assigned exercise as quickly as possible. This builds both strength and endurance. Other $0.99 options include Jack Of All Trades, Cardio Builder, Lower Body Burner, Pushup Challenge and dozens more. Unless you have a specific goal in mind, I highly recommend dropping $8.99 for full access as it’d be over $40 to buy each individually. That’s a lot cheaper than a gym membership or even basic equipment, and the app basically becomes your personal trainer. The app itself is only $0.99 at the Google Play Store and is also available on iOS.

Let’s take a look at a Signature Workout. The Pushup Challenge, for example, offers 30 different workout routines that are tailored to your chosen level of fitness. In my case, I chose level 3. All Pushup Challenge routines are made up of several different exercises (bird dogs, pushups, plank holds, etc.) that are accompanied by a demonstration video. Each exercise lists what muscles are being worked as well as detailed instructions. Things get harder as you progress through the Pushup Challenge and you’ll start seeing results after completing all 30 workout routines. And that’s 30 routines in just one of over 40 Signature Workout options. You can get a very comprehensive, full body workout with this app to say the least. The amount of options are almost overwhelming. Just be sure to give specific muscle groups 48 hours to recover before working them again (don’t do a pushup routine two days in a row).

The app has built-in progress trackers and social sharing, so friends and family can follow your fitness journey on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Everything can be performed using just your body weight and a small amount of space, inside or out. The weather in Los Angeles is currently ideal for outdoor sessions and it’s great to be outside. Once the app is setup, it doesn’t require a cell or Wi-Fi connection, so you’ll never have to worry about disruptions. You’ll get a new regiment each day and the level of difficulty gets progressively harder within each Signature Workout, helping you get stronger as you pursue your fitness goals. A daily reminder can also be set to keep you on track.

I highly recommend the Gorilla Workout app to anyone looking to get in and stay in shape without the hassle of gyms or expensive equipment. Your own body weight is more than sufficient to build muscle and improve cardio fitness. The app has cross-platform compatibility as well, so it can be used with all of your Android devices with one purchase. If you’re ready to lose weight, build muscle and improve endurance, the Gorilla Workout app has you covered. You can visit the Gorilla App website for more information and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: http://www.talkandroid.com/reviews/apps/gorilla-workout/